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Thanks Rinpoche, may all the people be able to hold that happiness in their hearts to continue practicing and be able to relief all the suffering. Rejoice, What a great event.
- Juliana Klinkert
3rd October 2015 has always been a turnaround situation for my life as I was born on that day besides having other memorable achievements. This 3rd October 2015 has been exceptional day of my life after attending your meditation program especially the green Tara mantra that gave me inner peace of mind and joy that I never experienced. It was as if I was blessed on my birthday. Thanks for the blessings.
- Santosh Ghimire
Thank you Rinpoche La. I feel them, when we are really at lost, we need spiritual guidance and comfort to ease our fears and pains. May your noble activities brings happiness and relief to all.
- Amy Liew
Thank you thank you very much! It's a miracle! Your words appeared on my fb page exatly in the moment of my life in which I discovered the precious teachings of Niyngma school!
- Dorje Dolma
Tashidlek rinpoche lha,rinpoche lha opinion is g8 coz being of human beings we should adjust to all,but we must take decesion in rite time to riteway.coz combition 4rm all make get knowldge ,truth is bitter,but itz needed in nature life.
- Sangye Lhamu
Rinpoche, Your style of Teachings are very open minded, interactive, interesting and easy to understand. Although we should not allow ourselves be restricted by unnecessary and overburdened rules and regulations in our practice, it is important still to have some basic fundamentals to ensure we don't digress from the Path. Especially beginners, they may take or break the Samayas easily all in the Name of Freedom. Many of us don't know how to moderate our thinking and actions. Freedom of body, speech and mind can be attainable only after we're trained for a while, depending on our abilities. As for me, it's very useful and refreshing to follow your style of Teachings. Thank you Rinpoche for the Precious open style Teachings.
- Wallace Tang