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Chogyal Rinpoche

Chogyal Rinpoche’s destiny was defined at his birth. Born in 1983 under the name Karma Punthsok Lama in a Buddhist family, the Rinpoche showed signs of possessing divine wisdom as a toddler — even before gaining the ability to speak. In pursuit of realizing the ultimate intention of his life, he entered monastic life at the age of five. Rumtek monastery, at Sikkim, laid as the first stepping stone of his spiritual journey where he went on to live a monastic life for another ten more years practicing the basics of Buddhist rituals.

Upon completion of the monastic studies, Chogyal Rinpoche developed a keen interest in philosophy. He spent ten more years of his life as a scholor of philosophy at Dzongsar and Shri Diwakar Buddhist Institute graduating in 2010. To further enhance his spiritual and philosophical wisdom, the Rinpoche took a role of a traveling monk. During this period, he traveled from mountains to mountains further strengthening his divine abilities.

Though a Buddhist practitioner, Chogyal Rinpoche has studied the approaches of the different religion of the sub-continent. He says that the core value of every religion lies in happiness; despite the methods vary from one religion to another. Therefore, to attain personal satisfaction and bring about smiles in faces, Chogyal Rinpoche has been actively engaged in re-establishing the underprivileged children and physically disabled individuals through various BIA approaches.

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