On killing and repentance

Posted On: 30 May, 2017

Question: I often get sick. Does it have anything to do with my killing and eating living poultry? If I repentant, will I be well again?


Chogyal Rinpoche: My answer for this question is —yes, your illness definitely has something to do with your karma. If you are one of those animals, you can imagine the pain of being killed. For example, if a person beats you up, will you feel happy or painful? If you are in pain, what will you do? You will fight against him! However, if you are very small and weak and unable to fight, you will become extremely hateful. Nature’s rule is that this energy of hatred will be released to cause bad things. Animals do not have the ability to fight you back; but when they are full of pain, they become resentful of you, and a lot of resentment energy consequently goes into your body, you become unwell.

From the Buddhist point of view, when you do good deeds, you would have good rewards; and when you create bad karma, you would have to undergo the retributions of it. Retributions are bitter and miserable. Some of them are physically painful, and some of them are mentally painful. What you suffered is manifested physically painful.


Buddha said there are four ways to purify our evil karma: firstly, realizing that we have done something wrong and feeling greatly ashamed and remorseful; secondly, repenting of these mistakes from our deep heart; thirdly, vowing to mend them from the moment of confession; fourthly, trying our best to do all good deeds.

Actually, the moment of feeling sick is the beginning of your karma purification .you can practice charity in order to balance the negative karmic energy, such as setting captured fish or birds free, or making repentance .On the contrary, if you know that killing is not good, you go on killing, the former four ways will not work. Fortunately, you are blessed to realize where the problem comes from and be willing to correct yourself.

When you ask me what you should do if this is your occupation? My answer is , although killing is your occupation, it is very clear, you have already been awaken and begun to practice, because, if not so, you would not ask this question at all.