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How to chant mantra? Posted On: 16 February, 2017

How to chant mantra? Chogyal Rinpoche:  First I like you to understand the source & meaning of the Sanskrit word Mantra. „Man“ refers to mind & „tra“ to a tool; hence Mantra is a tool for the mind. While our mind includes both consciousness & sub-consciousness, „tra“ is like a bridge. As we understand it, … Continue reading How to chant mantra?


Chogyal Rinpoche: In short, the three things are compassion, wisdom and meditation. Many people in their process of learning Buddhism will always hear these three words. For Buddhists, they are so familiar terms. Many people feel that they know what these are and they can do as well. I used to think the same, but according to my 26 years of practice, the mouth-said compassion, wisdom and meditation, are something different from … Continue reading Question: What are the three things the practitioner cannot do without?

Grounded in Reality Posted On: 13 October, 2015

Don’t live in a fantasy world Thinking that emptiness stops you from coming in contact with reality as it is Emptiness is not an excuse To ignore the immediacy of what your five senses are constantly showing you Grounded in Reality….

Choose your spiritual Guru wisely Posted On: 12 October, 2015

Everything is copy and paste! You become just like your Guru. You think like him, You speak like him, You act like him. This is the truth, Everything is copy and paste! Choose your spiritual Guru wisely.

Some of the best days of my life: Posted On: 9 October, 2015

I recently went for a three-days retreat in Pharping, Nepal, accompanied by my Chinese students who are undergoing a Vajrayana Meditation program of three years, three months, and three days under my guidance.

Everything is mind. Posted On: 7 October, 2015

Everything is mind. Everything is a reflection of mind. Just like a dream, you are the subject, and at the same time you are the object. Everything is mind. Everything is a reflection of mind. Just like the Bardo state, you experience what you have done in this life.

first public mediation course in Nepal Posted On: 4 October, 2015

The 3rd of October 2015 was a very special day for me, my Nepal, and for my Nepalese friends. It was my first time giving a public mediation course in Nepal and also the very first time in my life that I taught meditation in Nepali.