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The Wandering Rinpoche (Part Three) Posted On: 22 December, 2017

That night, alone in the dark room, I felt scared and sad. I missed my mother terribly. I huddled in the corner, reflecting hard upon my karma, which had caused me so many obstructions on my pilgrimage to Mount Kailash.

The wandering rinpoche part2
The Wandering Rinpoche (Two) Posted On: 24 June, 2017

  Born in Nepal, I grew up fortunate to hear many great buddhist masters teaching from Tibet. It is a mysterious place for me and the pull to go to Tibet has always been strong. I had prayed so many times in the monastery when I was young hoping that one day I would be … Continue reading The Wandering Rinpoche (Two)

On killing and repentance Posted On: 30 May, 2017

Question: I often get sick. Does it have anything to do with my killing and eating living poultry? If I repentant, will I be well again? Chogyal Rinpoche: My answer for this question is —yes, your illness definitely has something to do with your karma. If you are one of those animals, you can imagine the … Continue reading On killing and repentance

Who am I? Posted On: 30 May, 2017

Chogyal Rinpoche: If we went to a place to visit someone, the doorkeeper would question us: “Who are you? Where are you from? Where are you going? “The three seemingly simple questions are the ultimate questions in the history of philosophy in the world. Yet to answer “Who am I” is not an easy task.


The day before I left Switzerland for the United States two weeks ago, I was staying at my elder brother’s home in Zurich. Around 10 o’clock that night, just when I was about to go to bed, in a fit of dizziness, I suddenly passed out. For a second I thought it was my time … Continue reading The Characteristics Of Tibetan Buddhism (Part Four): What does the Bardo Thodol say

Help Others Life is Beautiful Posted On: 17 May, 2017

Chogyal Rinpoche was born in Nepal on March 4th, 1985. At the age of one, he visited HH Sakya Trizin with his father. His father was told that Rinpoche was a very special child who was going to do great things in the world; HH Sakya Trizin also told this father to raise him and … Continue reading Help Others Life is Beautiful

Bring Meditation into school Posted On: 15 May, 2017

I have been thinking about this: I hope that in the future meditation practices can be incorporated into the curricula of all the primary schools, middle schools, high schools, and universities in Nepal. I broached this subject to the president of Nepal and leaders of other nations before, but so far I have met no … Continue reading Bring Meditation into school

The Wandering Rinpoche (One) Posted On: 15 May, 2017

I was recognised as a Rinpoche by H.E. the 14thShamarpa in 1986. From the age of fiveI received a monastic education for a decade. During this period, I learned a lot about Buddhism, Buddhist ritual instruments, vajra dance and a series of Tibetan Buddhist ritual etiquette. In 1999, after completing 10 years’ in the monastery … Continue reading The Wandering Rinpoche (One)

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Chogyal Rinpoche:Yidams is one of the characteristics of Tibetan Buddhism. Most of the other Buddhism Dharma practices are carried out directly through the control of our mind. But as everyone knows that our psychology, spirit and soul etc. are abstract existence, and so for most people, it is difficult to try to figure out and difficult to get started. While in Tantric practice, especially the practice of the Yidams deity, we can view the deity in the process of meditative practice. The deity is … Continue reading The characteristics of Tibetan Buddhism (Part One): Why do we need a Yidams in meditative practice?

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Chogyal Rinpoche:While traveling around the world, studying various religions, philosophy, psychology and teaching people all over the world, I found a common thing which everyone seems to pursue, that is the “Happiness”.